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Normal lighting the stage for our production of "Fiddler on the Roof". 


As our most influential found member, the late Norma J Smith has been selected as our Spotlight Member of the Month.  Norma was a loving and caring member of our community from its inaugural production of "Fiddler on the Roof" in 1969,  until her passing on February 13, 2011. While she is physically no longer with us, her spirit remains as the driving force of our community theatre. It is with great honor that we shine a light on one of our greatest directors, actors, teachers, and role models.

While Norma was an amazing teacher at Poteau High School, and director with our troupe. She also loved to perform as well. She was equally as gifted in that aspect as she was in any other. Many may be unaware, but she actually held a leading role in Bill Blackburn's movie, "Challenge the Wind". It is because of this well rounded talent, we are able to have a group to call our theatre family today.

We are so grateful for all of  the work that Norma did early in our inception, but we are even more grateful that she left such an amazing legacy for us. We hope that you will take after Norma and join us as we continue to grow and bring others into our ranks at GTCTheatre.


Laura (left) and Norma (right) after our 2010 production of "Children's Letters to God". This was also the last GTCTheatre production Norma was able to watch. 


A news article where Norma wins the "Hammus Alabamus" trophy.

Norma giving stage direction to one of her cast members of our production of "Our Town."

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