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Board of Directors

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Steve Clay

Steve Clay has been with GTCTheatre for over 15 years. When you don't see him on the stage, you'll see him playing the drums in the band.

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Vice President

Alisha Smedley

Ms. Alisha is the choir teacher at Poteau Public Schools. She is the founder of Camp Bravo and often directs musicals for Good Times. She has been an active member since 2003.

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Mandy Peck

As the grand-daughter of Norma Smith, she has been a member of GTCTL for the majority of her lifetime. You will usually find her working behind the scenes in the light booth, selling tickets, running sound, and generally making sure that everything actually happens on a production.

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Traci Scowden

Traci is wife and mother who enjoys doing shows with her family. She has been involved with Good Times since 2003 and has been keeping immaculate records for the group nearly as long.

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Nick Weisenfels

Nick is a new addition to our team. He is a recent graduate of ???, where he obtained his Masters Degree in ???. We look forward to seeing what he has planned for our theatre troupe!

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Public Relations

Becky Adams

Becky is a P.T.A. who works with children. She is a proud wife and mother who loves to perform. ​ She came to Good Times within the last decade and has starred in a number of productions. Her amazing social media skills make her perfect for posting everything you need to know on Facebook!

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Colten Hall

While Colten has only served on the board for the last two years, he is a long time GTCTheatre Vet. His recent contributions to the theatre have been choreographing our recent musicals including Mamma Mia, Footloose, and Shrek.

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Event Coordinations

Melanie Thomas

Melanie is a our event coordination extraordinaire! When she is not serving on the board, she is playing the role of director, producer, and even costume director. She also loves to see her children preform regularly in GTCTheatre's productions.

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Justin Franks

Justin has recently returned to our theatre troupe after his time studying the theatre arts in TCC. In his return he has help GTCTheatre branch out by bringing new shows to the area including our recent productions of Once on this Island and Songs for a New World.

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